We have now finally made a game called EpicRealms. Unfortunately, this is a download game but, it's still 'epically' fun to play! It's not much at the moment, and the only current mobs are Evil Angels, but more mobs are to come soon (once i test out some art designs) and it should then be more fun. We have multiple NPCs (Non-Player Controlled) giving quests, opening shops, etc..  Please can all note that it is a work in progress. Plus, it is an MMORPG so.. there is chat but that is frequently moderated by either 'Scratso' or 'Reaper' who will both mute, ban or kick players from the game within reason, so to you who love swearing: Swearing is NOT allowed excessively, and all chat is connected to an IRC Network for Administrators (me(Scratso) & Reaper) only that can monitor ALL chat that has been said. And, if you have an idea, we have an ideas forum that is happy to recieve ideas. Because this is a download game, ALL suggested download games will also be added to Fun & games too. Enjoy;


~Scratso (Site Owner)
5/4/2013 07:10:04

Fab site. I love it, Keep up the good work.

5/6/2013 05:46:54

Thanks for the comment, really appreciated. :-)

5/8/2013 10:19:24

You.r Welcome :)

5/10/2013 13:22:34

You know that you can click the 'Reply' button on a post to clarify that you are replying to them? Oh well. Thanks. :P

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